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 Can pregnant/breastfeeding moms use your products?
  • Aimitié's products are allowed for pregnant and lactating women.
Are the products safe for the kids?
  • Aimitié’s whitening underarm essential is for ages 13 years old and above only.
How do I store your products?
  • Store in dry place with temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
What are the benefits of your products?
The main benefit of our products:
  • Whiten dark underarms
  • Smoothens underarm caused by chicken skin
  • Removes body odor
  • Serves as your daily deodorant
What is the right way of using the whitening cream and exfoliating cream?
  • We recommend to use the Aimitié's whitening underarm cream during DAY time after bathing and use the Aimitié's exfoliating cream during NIGHT time after bathing.
What if I only take a bath once a day? How will I use the whitening cream and the exfoliating cream?
  • You can use the products alternatively. For example, you use the whitening cream today, we recommend you use the exfoliating cream the next day.
Can I also use the soap on my face?
  • Yes! Since our Aimitié soap is formulated in a very mild yet with special actives to help brighten skin.
Can I still use other deodorant while using the Aimitié's whitening underarm essentials?
  • Aimitié’s whitening underarm essentials also serves as you daily deodorant already. So we do not recommend our consumers to apply any other products on their underarm while using the Aimitié’s whitening underarm essentials.

For further questions, you can send us a message or send us an email at: aimitie.ph@gmail.com